Intentions - Book 1

A Must Read!
This book was one I couldn’t put down. I read it so fast that I am impatiently waiting for book #2. Exhilarating, exciting, suspenseful, mysterious.
~ Amazon Customer

Intentions - Book 1

When attorney Loral Cooper attends her annual bioengineering conference in Atlanta, she encounters a colleague, Ryan, who captures her attention. Not only is he extraordinarily handsome, but he’s also strong, intelligent, witty and French. A combination she finds intriguing. The rather conservative Loral takes a chance and invites a conversation with this man. Despite her better judgment, she’s struck with an intense connection; she cannot deny.

Knowing little to nothing about him, she finds herself unable to rid him from her thoughts. Realizing immediately; this man will challenge her perception of everything including life, love and in the end, herself.

With every waking moment they spend together, she’s captivated by his protective, dominant, and sexually provocative disposition. It’s everything she never knew she wanted.

His dominance that at times seems controlling and her stubborn personality makes for a highly energetic relationship filled with sex, passion, love, and friendship. However, something that seems so perfect rarely is.

Despite their desire to live in the moment loving each other, obstacles continue to disrupt their newly formed relationship in both their personal and professional lives. Many, of which, Ryan tries to protect her from.

Regardless of his best effort secrets: mysteries and unknowns continually plague them at every turn. And the question is; does fate have another plan?

Not a standalone book. First in the series of four books. Intended for mature readers.