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What would you do if someone, out of nowhere, appeared and presented you with irrefutable evidence that your husband wasn’t the man you thought and knew him to be? Would you believe this unknown person? Could you or would you confront the source of the information?

During Loral’s preparations for her travels to London, she’d never have imagined how life would change simply by attending the conference alone. That decision turned out to be the catalyst for the most challenging period of her life.

Consequences of a past Ryan hid are revealed by people who would stop at nothing to destroy any shred of happiness he had – putting Loral in the crosshairs. While the messenger provides her with information she can’t logically dispute, she was being torn in two between Loral Hayes the attorney and Loral Hayes the wife.

Unsure of who she can trust, she was left to navigate this discovery on her own. She needed to make decisions that will change everything: her marriage, her feelings towards her husband, and herself.

Coming home with a decision finally made, she was forced to confront him and the paralyzing affects her actions set in motion. There was so much more to the story, yet the question was who told it better? Who was right? Who was wrong? Who gained the most from the peddling of this information?
So… would she remain committed to him or had the case been signed, sealed, and delivered?

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